Important Information 

Endurance GB's Equine Influenza Policy

and EHV Declaration

In consultation with the Animal Health Trust and British Equestrian, Endurance GB has drawn up the following policy with regard to 'flu vaccination and vaccination records.

The equine's 'flu vaccination records must be uploaded as soon as possible after making your first entry to an Endurance GB event, or, in the case of paper entry, forwarded to the Endurance GB office with the event entry. This applies to all mounted events organised by Endurance GB or its local Groups.

Please note that the vaccination record and front inside page of the passport (showing the name of the horse and passport number) must be uploaded or forwarded.  Note that 'flu vaccination records need only be uploaded once having entered your first event with Endurance GB and then again when a booster injection has been administered (in order to "renew" the vaccination record for a year).

Equines must undergo a primary course where the first and second vaccinations are no less than 21 days and no more than 92 days apart. For equines attending Endurance GB events, the vaccination following the second vaccination of the primary course must be carried out within 7 months; the BEF strongly recommend the window for vaccination being between 150 and 215 days after the primary course. Equines who have undergone the initial 2 vaccinations in the primary course are permitted to take part in the event.

Please also note the following:


1. The vaccination records will only be checked for the 4 calendar years preceding the event date.

2. Equines may not take part in an event until 7 days have elapsed after any vaccination.

3. The equine's passport must be with the driver of the vehicle on entry to a venue ready for examination and must be taken to the secretary on registration at the event.

4. Venues may have individual protocols for vaccination and checking, and may put additional criteria in place. These will be detailed in the event information and must also be complied with.

5. In cases where equines are unable to be vaccinated for veterinary reasons, these will be referred to the Endurance GB Welfare committee for consultation and advice.

6. Owners of equines who also compete in competitions overseen by other organisations (ie SERC, the FEI, the Jockey Club, British Riding Clubs, the Pony Club, other disciplines, breed societies, etc) should check that their equine's vaccination records also comply with the criteria set out by those organisations as they may have different requirements.

Upload your Equine 'Flu Vaccination Certificate

If you are already a Full Member, Associate Member or a Supporter of Endurance GB, then you can click here to upload a copy of the 'Flu Vaccination Certificate for the horse or horses that you have registered with Endurance GB.  The Certificate will be validated by the EGB office and made available to the ride entry secretaries for all mounted events that you choose to enter.


EVERYONE is also required now to fill in an EHV declaration.

Sign in to your EGB account in the usual way

Click on your name in the top-right hand corner of the page

Select "My Events" from the list that is displayed

Click on the name of the ride (it's in blue)

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the details of your entry

Click on the orange "pen" button adjacent to the "EHV Compliance" form

Complete the four questions and then click "Save"