Terms and Conditions

When booking your ride Fun Ride online please note the following terms and conditions

1)  When booking online, please ensure you enter your membership number and full name.  If you are a non member, type non member and full name.

2)  If you need to cancel your FUN RIDE the following condition apply.

    i)If you notify us of your cancellation upto 2 days before we will carry forward your entry fee to the next ride.

    ii)If we do not receive notification that you wish to cancel and a no show is recorded, there will be no refund of the entry fee. 

3) NO headcams can be worn on riding hats.  Wearing a headcam on your riding hat could invalidate your Endurance GB insurance.  They may be worn mounted on your chest or leg.

4) Horses should not be left unattended tied up to a trailer or lorry.  


5) NO spurs to be worn on any Lindum ride

6) Please do not take photographs of children at any event