~ Click here to download an entry form. Individual forms must be completed and signed for each horse/rider.

~ Complete the form and pay the relevant class fee. Pony Club riders can enter all EGB rides at members’ rates but adult escorts will be expected to pay the temporary day membership fee of £8 in addition to the class fee (unless they are members of EnduranceGB). 

~ Please note: At Endurance GB rides all members aged under 13yrs on the day of the ride MUST be accompanied by an adult aged 18yrs or over mounted on a horse/pony.  Accompanying by bike or on foot is not permitted.  One adult may accompany a maximum of 2 members aged under 13yrs.

~These rules do differ from those at a PC run event but at an Endurance GB organised event, including Group training rides, the Endurance GB rules apply.

~Make sure that your entry form is clearly marked “Pony Club” in the top right hand corner.  This will ensure that you receive your members’ discount on entry fees and are sent the correct paperwork by the secretary.


Entries should be sent with a SAE to the Ride Entries Secretary listed for that ride. It is important to ensure that your SAE has sufficient postage and that it is of at least A5 size (162mm x 229mm).


Please note that it is currently not possible for ride secretaries to accept Pony Club entries online unless you are a Club member of Endurance GB. More details can be found here.


If you have never done an endurance ride before then you can either enter a Group training ride or a Pleasure Ride (PR) or a novice Graded Endurance Ride (GER). Pony Club level 2 – 3 (Merlin and Kestrel) rides range between 10 - 29 km and this is a good place to start for most members.  Most rides run by Endurance GB (EGB) will offer Pleasure Rides at the appropriate distance which can be counted as level 2 or 3 rides (see PC rules for full details).



All Pony Club Competitors are required to have a Ride Mastercard on which results are recorded. This can be requested free of charge from Hannah Clack at PCHQ. Email Hannah Clack (Pony Club members who are also Endurance GB members will need a Pony Club mastercard in addition to their Endurance GB card as the information recorded is slightly different.) 

The mastercard should be completed with the ride details and presented to the ride secretary when you check in.


Your ride Master Card forms the only acceptable record of your endurance riding achievements - it is therefore a very important document, which it is your responsibility to hand to the Ride Secretary at the start of each ride.  The Secretary will complete and validate your card each time you compete.  No awards will be back dated due to loss of a card or failure to present it on the day.  There are three reasons this rule is so strictly adhered to; 

1. For welfare reasons equines are not usually allowed to compete at more than 10 endurance rides in a year.  The record card allows secretaries to monitor this.

2. As riders can compete at events run outside The Pony Club, it is not possible for The Pony Club or ride secretaries to verify results for qualification and certificates otherwise. 

3. Your Master Card is your only proof of performance and failure to produce it on the day will result in your entry being withdrawn, which would be disappointing to all involved.

It is imperative that you collect a Master Card from your Branch/Centre Secretary in advance of your first ride, and that you take it to every Endurance Ride that you participate in. You will not be allowed to ride if it is not presented to the Ride Secretary in advance of the ride.


Pony Club Qualifiers 2016 dates yet to be released. Pony Clubbers are welcome to all of our national and group rides. 

For up to date information regarding the Pony Club rides please visit www.pcuk.org or

contact Hannah Clack, Pony Club UK Tel: 02476 698315 Email: hannah@pcuk.org