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Lindum Committee Meeting

23th August 2019


Present: Sue Scarborough, Andrea Campbell, Andrea Tyrrell, Helen Hilder, Helen Ganney, Nicky Palin, Jane Impey


Apologies: Danni Foster

Ride Updates

Ravendale – limited numbers booked which is disappointing – in future minimum 15 riders for ride to run due to the time and cost of running a ride

Auriols also has limited numbers booked only 48 for the weekend

Group have decided next year no rides around the bank holiday weekends/July and August

Helen to explore if it would be possible to do a social ride from Foxdales either the weekend before or after, also discuss if could do a social ride from Auriols

Andrea worried about her venue for riders as there is a firing/shooting range next door with guns firing all day

Bardney – Jane has been in contact with Heather – need to follow up in a couple of weeks due to current harvesting

Andrea has asked if we could use venue in North Willingham TREC group used but this is not possible

Suggestion of venues near Kirmington and Castle Dyke that Trec have used – JI to discuss with Sarah about contacts

There is a NLRC ride on Monday which might be clashing – need to avoid these in future – May Day Pelhams Pillar and Brocklesby

Christmas meal on 14th Dec, bookings will be opening once we receive menus – put on facebook, club will subsidise menu again – Andrea to confirm details


Auriols – we think Sheila has all the help she needs now as more volunteers have come forward – thank you!

Unsure if Thay needs any further help for Reevesby – Andrea C has offered but no heard anything, Andrea is helping as is Helen

Hemmingby is now on October 13th this is our last ride of this years ride calendar – Caroline is not able to run as she is not a member now but is still happy to help out

Rosettes – there are some lovely rosettes, we can use and name future rides for these

End of ride calendar this year is – October 18th 2019 – must be sent to Sue Scarborough, Ings Farm, Ings Lane, Saltfleetby Louth LN11 7ST


Signs – we do have some money in group funds which we could purchase more signs if needed


£500 to be sent from club funds to EGB

Sue S to ask Ruth if we are able to use her image for a Christmas card – JI to explore printing options.  Christmas card prices were expensive from Moonpig - £6 for 4 cards, to look at printing companies for better quotes.

Maps – Notts put theres online – Helen H uses Quo to get her maps, Sue S to look at Lincolnshire Council Leisure maps.  Trec use Anquet for their maps.  Page plus publishing software is what Helen uses.  Helen has offered to do maps for the group – not all at one though!  Thank you Helen!  Sue to provide Helen with the maps so that new ones can be re-produced.

Next Committee Meeting Friday 11th October 7pm at Langworth Village Hall – all welcome