JANUARY 25th 2019


Meeting opened at 7.10pm.

Attendance sheet circulated.


Vote for committee members;


Sue Scarborough, Chair and Child protection,

Danni Fuller, Vice Chair and Membership,

Andrea Campbell, Treasurer,

Jane Impey, Facebook Page and Website (with Stephanie Armstrong)

Andrea Tyrell, H&S,

Nicky Palin, Safeguarding,

Helen Ganney, Trophies and Points.


The committee were re-elected.


Matters arising from 2018 minutes. Unfortunately these could not be located.

However, a new social ride trophy ‘The Macsen Trophy’ for Lindum social riders in all EGB rides has been instated following comments made at the 2018 meeting.



Chairs welcome and report


Welcome everyone to the EGB Lindum Group’s BAM. We have had a very difficult year, which started with rides being cancelled or re-arranged. However, eventually we got started with a diary of both Social and National rides, with the continued support and sponsorship from Emerald Green Feeds, (who have had a tremendous year with a double world champion eventer and the Carriage Driving National Champion,  the Team Eventing World Champion and  the top British Eventing Rider at the Nations Cup) as well as sponsoring Lindum!  Sadly, we lost Lindum Spirit this year which was scheduled to celebrate its 25th anniversary. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the ride organisers that have worked so hard in this frustrating year and I would like to encourage other members to take the plunge and have a go as well, you certainly see a different side to the rides and it makes you really appreciate how much work is involved in even a Social event. There is plenty of support from more experienced members if you need it.


We are already building a good diary of events for this year, Wootton National ride on March 17th being first, with Silk Willoughby being resurrected as a 2 day National event and renamed Foxdales on 27th-28th April. We have unfortunately lost Cranwell due to Wasp Nest’s re-development of the venue and surrounds. Auriols continues as a 2 day event on 31st August-1st September. We also have an exciting new venue at Revesby Park for 3 days, 27th Sept- 29th Sept. This is sponsored by Emerald Green feeds and Meydan and is a Major ride with FEI rides also.


Apart from the National rides, we are developing our social ride diary. I am so pleased that Nicky Palin and Danni Fuller are joining our band of ride organisers. Danni has designed a bookmark diary for you all to take away with you, a great idea!


If you have any questions, whether you are a new or established member, please don’t hesitate to ask. If we don’t know, we’ll find out for you.


I would also like to thank our 2 First Aiders Steph Armstrong and Jane Webster, plus Dave Fuller (reserve) and Caroline Taylor for her continued support as our equipment organiser.


Treasurer’s report; Andrea Campbell


Only 3 social rides this year to add to funds. Hopefully there will be more this year.

The group has a balance of £1500 before payments for the website and to EGB.


Membership report


Last year there were 29 full members, 12 associate members, 7 supporters and 3 new members


2019 Ride Calendar


Ravendale Social Ride, Sunday 3rd Feb.


Wootton EGB Comp Ride, Sunday 17th March.


Claxby Social Ride , Sunday 31st March. (TBC)


Muckton Social Ride, Sunday 14th April (TBC)


Foxdales EGB Comp Ride, Saturday 27th April

                                          Sunday 28th April.


Fulletby Social Ride, Sunday 12th May (TBC)


Field Farm Fun Day, Mumby, 3rd September.


Auriol’s EGB Comp Ride, 31st-1st September


Hemingby Social Ride September, (TBC)


Revesby Park EGB Comp Ride, 27th, 28th, & 29th September.



Any other business


How are points awarded?


Helen Ganney gave a brief run through of how many points are awarded for a social ride and how the points system works within Graded rides.


Meeting closed at 7.50pm