Lindum Committee Meeting

5th July 2019

Present:              Sue Scarborough, Danni Fuller, Andrea Campbell, Helen Ganney, Jane Impey

Apologies:          Nicky Palin, Andrea Tyrell, Helen Hilder, Graham Hilder, Sheila Ludlow, Caroline

Ride Updates

Kelstern – 4 riders booked so far, route marking - Andrea and Sue on 25th July.  Danni to secretary on day

Ravendale 25th August – Nicky to check with farmer. JI and Nicky to route mark/run.  Handover equipment to Sue at meeting or drop off.  Fancy dress optional, prize for best

Bardney – JI to contact Peter to ask if ok to do Bardney ride – Peter Burchnall .  Sue to put in local authority request – meridian?

Hemmingby – Caroline is no longer a member so not able to organise, Sue and Danni to run this ride.  Meridian request to be completed – all years to be done so that we have this organised and completed and not last minute

Reevesby – Sue to check with Thay that Meridian authority is being done/has been done

 Reminder to not leave horses unattended at rides

Sheila would like a steward for Auriols for both days – JI put on facebook for a request

Sue Abbott thanked the group for the well wishes, flowers and card and is on the mend

Signs – Sue to email EGB to find out what we can have

Equipment – Need to do an inventory of stock and equipment that is being stored at Carolines so that we know what we have got and what we haven’t got.  Sue to contact Caroline to discuss dates and let Danni and Jane know w/c 22/7 if possible to coincide with getting equipment for Kelstern ride.

Christmas  - Andrea to follow up for menus.  Committee looking into getting a Christmas card made up to send to our supporters/venues etc Sue to check with Ruth if we can use the collage pic that she did for us and get some cards printed.  Also a thank you card from Lindum group.  JI to look at moonpig for card cost – or similar

Next Years Calendar - There will be 2 new rides next year – Sheila Smith has offered her venue for June and Andrea Tyrell has offered her house as a venue – dates to be confirmed.  Calendar to be discussed and planned at next meeting

Maps – check for good map app.  Andrea to check if her husband can advise.  OS numbers need to be on the maps

Next Meeting – 7pm 23rd August 2019 @ Langworth Memorial Hall.  ALL WELCOME!