Lindum Group Meeting 4/1/18

Present:              Sue Scarborough – Chair, Andrea Campbell, Danni Fuller, Andrea Tyrell, Jane Webster, Jane Impey (minutes)

Apologies:          Nicky Palin, Helen Ganney


Ride Vouchers

Discussion around old ride cards still being claimed – committee agreed that New Year New Start – old ride cards are no longer valid.  New ride cards will be issued with a use by date for the year of issue.

All those attending BAM will receive a free ride voucher – to be used in the year of issue

Ride vouchers issued this year need to be booked with Danni Fuller by rider in advance of the ride – Danni to then cross check this off a spread sheet so it is clear when they have been used.  Spread sheet to be started at BAM and then added to.  This system will be trialled for a year and then reviewed by committee.


£1500.24 remains in account

Need to pay for website in January – not sure who they will contact for renewal – JI to check

Funds to be sent back to EGB – previously have sent £500.  Discussed what expenses are still to come out or equipment needed for the year – to be revisited after BAM.  Sue S to get hold of Caroline to check what equipment might be needed.  We don’t need any rosettes for social rides.


Emerald Green are still sponsoring.  Limited goody bags and not asked for more for BAM.  Sue to invite Emerald to BAM.


Some people having difficulty and getting images that are not related to the website – JI advised to clear cookies and put in website address again as this seems to be isolated to one or two members. 

Website needs updating

Sue needs to be down as safeguarding


Sue to ask Ruth from Indie Pics to make up 20 key rings to go to new members at BAM.  Approx. £2 each (£40)

Andrea to talk to new members about what happens on a pleasure ride – JI to support

Tack stall at BAM – bring and buy, needs to be named and have prices clearly – Andrea to man and keep a list of what people bring – 10% to be given to charity from money raised.  To be put on facebook/website.

Refreshments - tea and coffee and cake – Sue to get refreshments and cakes to be made.  Raffle at BAM.  Donations will be given to charity.

Danni has goody bags for new members who join at BAM.

Danni to get ride cards to add to goody bags – these will be available for other riders at BAM.

Danni to get some book marks made up for goody bags.

Need to find some photos – ask Ruth Indie Pics to do a collage of favourite Lindum shots from this year and invite to BAM and if not able to attend send some cards – Sue to contact.

BAM is 7-9pm, committee arrive for 6pm to set up

Ride Calendar

Ravendale – 3rd Feb – Sue to provide JI and NP with the contacts to arrange as social ride – tbc

Wotton – 17th March – confirmed – national – Sue S and Andrea

Claxby – 31st March – tbc – social, BST and mothers day ride – Danni and Andrea

Muckton – 14th April – tbc – social – Sue and Helen

Foxdales – 27/28 April – competitive – confirmed Val Wattam

Fulletby – 12th May – tbc – Helen H

Field Farm – 3/4th August – tbc – Andrea – 30 riders max – Andrea to get dates/quotes

Auriols – 24/25 Aug – competitive - confirmed – Sheila L

Hemmingby – 1st Sept – social - tbc

Reevesby Park 27/28/29 Sept – EGB – competitive – confirmed - Thay

JI to ring Piers Monmouth to explore if could use Willow Banks for a pleasure June/July time

Christmas Awards Dinner – 14th December – Cross Keys at Stow

**Please note unless stated as confirmed, rides are provisional and subject to amendment/change**


Field Farm for 2 nights staying – people, horses and food - £35 p/night horses, £40 p/night people, caravan that sleeps 6 @ £135 – priced up with a trainer would be £275 per person.  Discussed whether this would be too expensive for members – day rate will be £35 – agreed this would be better option.  Consider doing a joint day with Trec group?

Newsletter to be sent out mid Feb – invite contributions to this, Cathy and Nicky on their horses backgrounds and pics, update on new members, any updates to the calendar

Next meeting Date – Friday 22nd Feb 7.30 at White Horse in Ludford – all welcome