Lindum EGB Group

Open meeting Langworth memorial hall



Present:  SS, AC, AT, DF, HG, JI.


Apologies:  NP


Rides:  Muckton and Fulletby rides went very well.


A request was received after Fulletby as to whether a route could be ridden and points received outside of ride times, it was decided that no riding of Lindum routes and points  were to be allowed outside of Lindum ride times, it was noted that while most routes follow lanes and bridleways, part of the marked routes may be on private land which is not accessible outside of official ride times.


10 cans of spray marker paint bought from HH to be kept to sell to organisers of EGB rides.


There are a large number of rosettes left over from Lindum Spirit, it was discussed whether these could be used for Social Rides, possibly special rosettes for Ravendale and Field Farm, AC to bring a selection to the next meeting.


It was noted that some non members and EGB supporter members had obtained ride cards, only  EGB full and associate members are eligible for Lindum awards, EGB supporter members are not eligible for awards


Diary:  June 9th              BHS Stenigot – Lindum points to be allowed for this ride

               July 28th            Kelstern

               August 3rd         Field Farm

               August 25th       Ravendale -Summer Social- fancy dress

               October 10th     Hemingby Straight

               November 11th  Bardney – fancy dress


Contact details for Foxdales to be obtained, possibly run this as a social ride in future.


AT to obtain details of a Trec venue at North Willingham which could possibly be used for a social ride in future.


Field Farm:  Tide times to be accessed, ride to be limited to 20, half to ride on the beach am and half pm, AC to borrow some trec type equipment and have some games/training am and pm for those not on the beach with a BBQ at lunch time. Charges are £25 for use of Field Farm, £10 for BBQ - £40 to be charged and  Lindum Spirit rosettes could be given.


Muckton route problems:    The track leading to the splash was very rutted, this will be reported to the CC along with blocked bridleways which were not able to be used this year.


Information Transfers:  Safegaurding/ health and safety forms to be passed on to AT, 3 incident forms from Foxdales have been sent to EGB and originals filed in H&S folder.


Lists of social rides to be sent to EGB


Contact details of land owners, CC etc to be obtained for all EGB rides, SS provided CC map for ride planning, we need to plan ahead for next season to be on target for CC's, police etc.


Next Meeting: July 5th Langworth Memorial Hall